Immersive, Interactive, & Experiential

Media and Production

Projection Technologies

Immerse your audience by turning a building’s façade into a massive projection screen or creating a dome/room to surround them with the content you wish to highlight.

Immersive Technologies

From interactive touch walls or object recognition tables to robotics or touchscreen applications, many technologies are used and combined to create a memorable and unique experience for your audience.

Artificial Intelligence

Take advantage of today’s technology of AI to help you with the repetitive daily tasks of your organization. AI processes include learning, reasoning and perception.


The making of holograms using 3D light, giving a unique image which has the depth and attributes of the original. The use of holograms provides an interesting concept for entertainment and enhancing presentations, attracting a high degree of attention. This solution suits a range of events and industries, including retail, tradeshows, exhibitions, activations and events.

Kinetic LED Installations

LED walls have always been a great attraction for exhibitions and now kinetic (moving) screens on LED walls have been added to enhance the storytelling even further!

The movement can either be automated or triggered by a person’s presence via proximity sensors.

The LED wall content can match the moving screens while highlighting your achievements in the most fascinating way or the moving screens can each display different projects.

Touchless 360° Experience

This method is used to replace the traditional VR setup, where a half dome is created to display 360-degree content.

A touchless hand control will help your audience navigate through the environment you present to them.

Immersive Projection Room

The best way to tell a story or launch a brand is via immersive projection show. The bigger the room, the more ‘WOW’ you will create!

The content will be 360-degree and mapped all around the visitors for them to enjoy a virtual journey without having to wear or touch anything.