Foresight Dance Theatre


Foresight Dance Theatre (FDT) is one of the most popular entertainment groups of Ukraine and is well known both in and outside of it’s native country.

From 2006- 2020 “FDT” has constantly been on tour. Thus the group has visited such countries as Kazakhstan, France, Turkey, China, Germany, Azerbaijan, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Brazil, Switzerland,  and Scotland.

FDT was awarded as the best show group six times.

Foresight creative group has produced over 2000 staging for TV projects all over the world.

Their repertoire includes a Night Queen show, a Party show, a Dinner Party show, a Circus show, an Old World show, a Pole Art show, and a Holographic performance.

Foresight creative group has produced:

  • Exclusive shows for Rixos и Likiya Liberty Hotels.
  • Special events for Ferrari park (Abu-Dhabi), one of them, Winter fest, received several prestigious world’s awards
  • Directed Music Awards Astana Zhuldyzy (Kazakhstan) — Directed Music Awards Yuna (Ukraine)
  • Choreographed shows for Le Paradis des source. (France)
  • Shows for Roncalli circus (Germany)
  • The only one dance group which was invited to create opening for Rihanna/s show ( Baku )
  • Exclusive shows for : Coca Cola, Mаry Kаy, Avon( Ukraine),Oriflame, LG, Arcelor mittal, Epicenter etc.
  • Unique event for TV3 channel (Moscow) in France –Special event for BASF (Germany)
  • EUFA Opening