3D Hoardings


Over the past decade we have conceived, designed, produced and implemented a wide range of large-scale installations and hoardings.

These customized projects can be multidimensional, include 3D, video, original paintings, a touch screen and even feature a live activation. The creative options are limitless and offer the potential to surprise, delight and engage an audience.

With the retail industry impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and brands shutting their shops, vacant spaces are appearing in malls, creating a negative impact in the minds of consumers as well as adding to diminishing footfall. 3D hoardings are increasingly being installed to fill these spaces, creating engagement points for passing visitors. This helps in the overall look of the mall but also drives social media conversations.

– To create interactive 3d photo opportunities
– To create artistic installations that are insta-worthy
– To provide thematic hoardings for seasonal events
– To enhance the overall mall experience

The result? One of the most exciting, creative and growing communication channels today!